Susie is a primitive folk artist. She has always been creative but she started calling herself an artist just a year ago. As a rug hooker she expresses without inhibition the world around her in a simple and real way. Because she hooks alone without a group she does not have the influence of other people’s ideas or rules. Like many Mainers she recycles everything, in this case wools. Her hooked rugs are folk art. They are art made by the untrained, unschooled ordinary people, “Art of the Common Man or Woman”. She hand cuts wide strips of recycled hand dyed wools on linen backgrounds. She dyes with natural ingredients and dye stuffs found in Early New England Farms. Much of her dyeing is done over her nine foot fireplace, where in the winter a never ending fire is featured.

    Susie has been living in Edgecomb, Maine for eight years. She is a Maine Native who lived 15 years in Nova Scotia and then returned home to Maine. Maritime themes of ships, water, mermaids and the simple life, farming and fishing are evident in her work. She has been hooking for twelve years part-time and has recently retired from teaching to hook and write full time. She lives with her husband , four children , one dog, two cats, four kittens, twenty seven heirloom chickens, and a variety of pets and animals. Susie Stephenson has been hooking for twelve years. Her own mother placed her hook in her hand and said try this. In one week she had finished her first rug and had started another one. She was hooked! She mainly hooks alone and because of this she is not influenced by other designs and rules. She designs and hooks her own rugs. She is not afraid to take chances and try non traditional fabrics or to pull the loops higher or lower to suit her picture. Rug hooking has been around for hundreds of years, but recently has become a very collectible type of folk art. Collectors continue to seek out unusual and artistic examples regardless of age.
     Susie has been listed in the Early American Life Directory Of Traditional American Crafts since 2005 and recently featured in the Maine Sunday Telegram (Follow link and read story). 207-633-2907
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